Raising a child is the biggest responsibility a parent can have and when kids grow up to being teenagers, it gets more difficult than ever. It’s the time when hormones go crazy and so do teenagers. They start breaking rules, pushing the boundaries while also being emotional and rebellious. The same happened to Rosemary Gullet, who didn’t come home one night. It wasn’t the first rebel act from her daughter, but the mother would soon face a dramatic situation.

20. We’ve All Been There


We’ve all been teenagers and maybe we can’t remember, but we were quite a handful to our parents. Rosemary was that type of teen that would break the rules more than once. But Maureen, her mother, wasn’t expecting this.

19. Not Just Hormones


Maureen freaked out when her daughter didn’t come back at home one night, so she alerted the police. It wasn’t long for authorities to launch a nationwide investigation and look for the teenager. Nothing was found until one day…

18. Social Media


Maureen looked on social media and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her young, rebellious daughter appeared on Facebook. What happened to her daughter the time she was away? Maureen was even more worried than before.

17. Not the Best Relationship


The relationship between Maureen and Rosemary wasn’t great. But let’s face it, there aren’t perfect relationships between teenagers and their parents. But that didn’t mean that Maureen didn’t love her daughter. What happened before Rosemary disappeared?

16. The Night of June 22


Maureen was used to having her daughter come home late in the night, so at the beginning, she didn’t worry. She knew her daughter would come home, but in the morning she still wasn’t home.

15. Two Days Missing


Rosemary didn’t come home for two days and the parents became to panic. They filed a report for missing persons and the authorities assumed that the daughter ran away from home. But did she really run away?

14. Maureen Was Suspicious


The mother never thought her daughter would just run away from home. Rosemary’s disappearance became unbearable as weeks and months went away. Maureen thought her daughter was in danger.

13. No Evidence


The parents didn’t have any evidence to help the authorities with a lead in the case. So, the police still believed the kid ran away from home. But as months passed, people started seeing the girl around town and when they approached her, Rosemary ran away.

12. Maureen Almost Fainted


One day, logging into her Facebook account, Maureen almost fainted when she saw some pictures on her timeline. Rosemary posted some pictures of her on social media. She was in a strange bedroom and something was off.

11. Rosemary Looked Different


A mother knows her child best. She knows how her kid feels just by looking at their faces. And Maureen saw her daughter’s face in the picture and realized something was wrong. Her daughter was acting differently.

10. Just a Few Selfies


The pictures taken by Rosemary were just some selfies, but Maureen looked at her daughter’s smile and felt like that was a fake and forced smile. Was her daughter abused? Panic began to rise…

9. Human Trafficking


Maureen believed her daughter was kept against her will or that she was abused. Then the worst thoughts came to mind: what if she was a victim of human trafficking?

8. It Made Perfect Sense


To her mother, kidnapping and human trafficking made perfect sense for why her daughter didn’t come back home. But why did Rosemary ran away from those that saw her on the street?

7. Unbearable Feelings Came Over Maureen


When she saw that she was helpless, Maureen logged on Facebook and wrote the public a last cry of help: ‘“[Rosemary] is missing and endangered and is presumed to have fallen into the hands of child trafficking criminals. Since she disappeared, I have found images of her online.’

6. Hope Regained


Even though the pictures of Rosemary on Facebook showed that at least there was still hope in finding her daughter, Maureen was still far from finding her. Weeks passed and no photos have been posted on social media. What was wrong?

5. 7 Months Later


After almost 7 months from Rosemary’s disappearance, her father, David, posted on social media an update on Rosemary’s situation. He said that his daughter has been found through an anonymous tip. He also thanked everyone for the prayers and support. So, what happened after all?

4. Authorities Asked Rosemary Some Details…


The mother had it wrong, apparently. There was no evidence of human trafficking and the shocking thing is that the teenager actually ran away from home, planning to never return. She even looked happier after running away. Where was she living?

3. A New Life


The teenager seemed very happy after running away from home and the weirdest thing we’ve discovered is that Maureen and David didn’t say much after their daughter was found. The Gullet family was surrounded by mystery, and you won’t believe where Rosemary and her siblings live now!

2. There’s A Lot More To The Story


The Gullets won’t talk anymore about it. And the weird thing is that now, Rosemary and her siblings live in foster care. So, it seems that the teenager ran away from home for a good reason. Her decision did cause a lot of people to panic, but in the end she is safe and happy.

1. Not Just a Typical Conflict


We’re happy that Rosemary wasn’t a victim of human trafficking. Or else, her fate would have been sealed.

Where did Rosemary run away and why? There isn’t a single detail that would put our mind at rest. But it sure looks like the conflict between the teenager and her mother or father has been bigger than we thought. How’s Rosemary now? It all remains a mystery…

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