We humans believe that we are the dominant and wiser than all species but what do we do to make the world a better place for the animal kingdom? Big cities have become the natural habitant for a number of stray animals, especially cats and dogs, and this problem keeps getting worse. Though its inevitable to happen, this problem has to be eliminated. Nutmeg, a seven-month-old puppy is a great example of what animals may have to deal with in the cities and we all have to know about this… Slides #15 & #!4 will make you question some things!

20. Stray Animals


The stray animal issue is an issue that every major country has to deal with. Over 22,000 cats and more than 10,000 dogs are stray in the streets of Canada only, where our story takes place. Click next to learn more!

19. A Stray Puppy In The Snow


In the snowy streets of Alberta, Canada, the story of a seven-month-old puppy named “Nutmeg” must teach us some things about humanity and the care and love we must give to animals. Nutmeg being a stray puppy, born in the streets managed to get to the age of seven months before this happened…

18. The Accident


Nutmeg was taking her daily stroll looking for food when a careless driver didn’t notice her and struck her with his car. The poor soul tumbled into the street and fell into a ditch full of snow… She was desperate for help, but there was a major issue.

17. Injured In The Snow


The poor puppy broke its pelvis and was shocked! Somehow it managed to survive the crash but that was only the beginning… Some really dreadful things were about to happen to it and nobody was there to help…

16. Couldn’t Be Spotted


As snow covers almost all of Canada in the winter, the city of Alberta was dressed in white. The little pup was landed into it, something that turned out to have saved it, but she couldn’t be spotted thus her rescue was seeming to fade away. But that wasn’t the only problem… click next to find out more!

15. Freezing


Her temperature and energy levels were falling and unfortunately with the warmth of her body she started melting the snow around her making her camouflaged in the white. As she laid there and hours were passing it was becoming harder and harder for anybody to spot her.

14. A Miracle


After some hours the poor puppy has melted all the snow around it and made a hole into the snow. This was extremely dangerous as more snow could fall above her and completely cover her body, something that could make her unable to be found. Also she would freeze and she couldn’t do anything than waiting for a miracle…

13. Fortunately Nutmeg Was Rescued

honesttopaws.comFortunately a group of teenagers fooling around with the snow noticed her and rushed to call the police. Rescuers arrived instantly to the location but the poor dog was now completely dug into the snow that it took them hours to finally find her.

12. A Call For Help


The little pup despite its shock and pain managed to gather all the energy it had and was its tail and bark. As soon as the rescuers found her they called the only people they knew that they would help her. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)




Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is an organization that has helped numerous stray dogs where it was needed and of course didn’t hesitate a bit to rush into the location to pick up Nutmeg. “

10. The Severity Of The Situation


“She was deep down in the snow. So she was hard to be seen when they were coming back to look for her.” “Her body heat had actually created a hole in the snow,”, Amber Perry who is a stuff member of the AARCS says.


9. In Good Hands


She was in good hands now… The rescuers took her in their HQ, into the emergency veterinary hospital when they were able to give her the proper meditation and do a minor operation to fix her broker pelvis.

8. She Maintained Her Happy Attitude


In spite of everything the little soul had been gone through it kept its cheerful and friendly attitude as though it knew that those people literally saved her life.

7. No Problems


The vets there realized that Nutmeg couldn’t move her back end even after the operation and they started fearing that the accident may have paralyzed her. The tension was deescalated when the little pup started to wig its tail cheerfully.

6. Nutmeg Fully Recovered


After a week the little puppy was healthy and full of energy. Her life was saved by the AARCS and she was thankful to it but her duty wasn’t over. AARCS decided to raise awareness through Nutmeg for all people to don’t buy but adopt a puppy while donating money to charities that devote their lives for the well-being of stray animals.

5. A Symbol


It was inevitable that Nutmeg’s story would become viral. The heartwarming story of Nutmeg helped to raise funds for the new veterinary hospital of AARCS and raise awareness about stray animals. Only future research will tell if that was successful. Hopefully it is.

4. A Scream For Change


Stray puppies and dogs wander in the streets of big cities and usually no-one even look at them. This situation has to change and all of us must be involved.

3. Nutmeg’s Story


Hopefully Nutmeg’s story will reach a large number of people in the globe and warm their hearts. For the best or worst bad things like this must happen in order for the public opinion and actions to change.

2. Help A Puppy


Nutmeg wouldn’t endure all the dreadful things that she’d endured if she wasn’t abandoned, neglected and left starving in the streets. We should all join together to help stray puppies if not adopting them and report their existence to local services like AARCS

1. No Life Left Behind


Nutmeg was lucky to survive but that isn’t promised to every stray puppy that faces danger and starvation in the streets. Let’s all hope that this issue will be eliminated in the future.

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