15. Rumor Has It

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Trinity Smith was just your average animal lover. Whether it be cats or dogs, she simply had a soft spot for four-legged furry friends. So, when neighbors began spreading rumors of a dog barking up on a mountain near her home in Colorado, she simply knew she had to investigate.

14. The Phantom Bark

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For some time, Trinity had been hearing whispers of what sounded like a dog bark up on a nearby mountain. While she hadn’t heard the barks herself, there were enough people discussing the matter she felt she simply had to check it out. What if there was a poor pooch abandoned up there?

13. The Lone Mountain

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The mountain itself was a desolate area with no homes or people within a few miles. If a dog had become lost up there, Trinity was worried that finding it alive would not be likely. However, she was determined to solve the barking mystery regardless.

12. Dog or Coyote?

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Some of the locals believed that the barking was actually a coyote. They were commonly spotted in the area and sounded like dogs from time to time. However, Trinity had a reason to believe there was, in fact, a dog up on the mountain.

11. The Missing Piece

Image: The Dodo

A few weeks prior to the barking, a local dog had gone missing in the area. The owners had desperately tried to find her but were not successful. While it was a slim chance it was the same dog, Trinity simply wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she didn’t at least search the mountain once.

10. The Trek Begins

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Therefore, in the early fall of 2017, Trinity hiked up the mountain to see what she could find. At first, she thought it was all in vain; however, she soon heard a faint bark and realized there was a dog up on the mountain. Unfortunately, due to the sound bouncing off the canyon, she couldn’t figure out where the bark was coming from.

9. Darkness Falls

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Unfortunately, time was not on Trinity’s side that day and it soon became too dark to continue her search. She decided to come back the next day and look again, this time with a better understanding of what she was looking for.

8. The Search Continues

Image: Facebook.com/Trinity Smith

The next day, Trinity enlisted the help of her good friend, Sean Nichols, in her search. They returned to the mountain and began shouting for the dog hoping for a response. For a while, they were only met with silence, and then it happened…They heard a bark!

7. Barking for Help

Image: The Dodo

At first, both Trinity and Sean could not determine the direction of the dog’s barking. Thankfully, the barking began to get louder and they soon could tell which direction it was coming from. Running towards the poor dog’s cries for help, they soon stumbled upon something they never expected.

6. Desperate for Help

Image: Daily Mail UK

Trinity and Sean were amazed to find a thin and desperate dog lying among the bushes. She looked like she hadn’t eaten for weeks and Trinity realized that, if they hadn’t found her, she most likely would not have survived another night. However, there was something that Trinity and Sean were not aware of.

5. The Truth Behind the Dog

Image: The Epoch Times

The identity of the poor dog was actually the dog that went missing weeks prior. Her name was Chloe and she was a sweet senior at the ripe old age of fourteen. According to her owners she had escaped during a walk and had been missing for six weeks. You have to wonder how she possibly survived!

4. Giving Up Hope

Image: The Epoch Times

As time passed, Chloe’s owners had given up on ever finding her alive. The mountains were a harsh environment for a domesticated dog and finding food, as well as shelter would have been difficult. Chloe was also vulnerable to predators that lived in the mountains yet somehow, she had managed to beat the odds.

3. Rescued At Last

Image: People

Sean and Trinity quickly scooped up the frail Chloe and put her in their car. Hoping to find the owners quickly, Trinity posted on social media that she had found the barking culprit and if anyone could possibly identify her. Of course, it didn’t take long before the owners realized their precious baby had been found.

2. Six Weeks in the Making

Image: Newsner

Chloe’s owners reached out to Trinity and they agreed to meet in the parking lot of a local store. Of course, the moment her owners spotted Chloe they couldn’t hold back the tears. Their baby had finally come home and they couldn’t have been happier.

1. The Road to Recovery

Image: The Dodo

Currently, Chloe is still recovering from her ordeal and gaining back the weight she lost while up on the mountain. It can be quite dangerous for dogs to lose that much body fat, but thanks to excellent care, her recovery has been a breeze. Trinity tries to visit Chloe a few times a month as well, just to check in on her progress. From one animal lover to another, thanks Trinity for your kind heart and selfless act of courage to bring Chloe home. We wish her a speedy recovery!

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