The two traits that characterize dogs the best are loyalty and love. Even cute dogs that love to play all day long can get aggressive when their owners are put in danger. This is why no one was able to figure out why Gubmy, a hound mix wouldn’t stay with any adoptive family. After numerous families tried to adopt Gumby and failed, the folks at the shelter came to an amazing conclusion.

20. Gumby

The cute dog we are seeing in this picture is Gumby. He is a mixed hound and even though he seems to be a normal dog, there’s something special about him that you need to know about.

19. Special Talent

Gumby is a really cute dog, but you shouldn’t be deceived by his looks. Gumby is really smart and he has a special talent which made him a local celebrity in Charleston, South Carolina. Let’s see how Gumby’s story kicked off.

18. Origins Story

Gumby’s story started in September of 2014 when the folks at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) took him in. Gumby was lucky to cross paths with the folks at CAS because they are a special kind of animal shelter. Check out what separates CAS from other shelters.

17. No-Kill Policy

The people who run CAS love animals and they have a “no-kill” policy. Not all shelters do this and we have to give praise to CAS employees for trying to make the world a better place. This reminds me of another case which involves an unfortunate dog and where CAS came in to save the day. Keep reading to see what I am talking about.

16. CAS Saves Caitlyn

The people who are in charge of CAS became local celebrities after saving the dog in this picture (Caitlyn) from an owner who taped her mouth shut. They are special people and Gumby is lucky to be with them. Moving back to Gumby, let’s see what the folks at CAS did for him.

15. Helping Gumby

Right from the moment Gumby was taken in by the CAS shelter, the people who work there started looking for an adoptive family for him. They were trying to make Gumby happy but little did they know, Gumby had other plans.

14. Adoptive Family

The shelter employees were lucky and they found an adoptive family for Gumby really fast. However, he acted pretty strangely about it. Instead of being happy about being adopted, he ran away from them! What do you think the employees did next?

13. New Family

The shelter employees thought that the first adoptive family wasn’t the right fit for Gumby and they searched for another one and since Gumby is such a cute dog they found one quickly. Can you guess what happened next?

12. Running Away

After spending a couple of days with his second adoptive family, Gumby decided that it was time for him to leave so he ran away once again. This baffled the folks who work at CAS because they couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. Luckily, the employees didn’t give up and they kept on looking for another family in hopes of finding someone that Gumpy is going to like.

11. Third Adopter

The third adopter was determined to make Gumby feel good in his home. He spent a lot of time with the puppy and did his best to make him feel loved and welcomed. Sadly, this didn’t work and Gumby ran away once again. But where was Gumby always running to?

10. Back to the Shelter

Gumby was always running back to the shelter where he was being kept. Even though the pooch was proving to be a difficult dog to deal with, more adoptive families still tried to help him. You won’t believe how many families Gumby ran away from until the shelter employees figured out what was going on.

9. Escape Artist

Gumby ran away from 11 adoptive families during his career as an escape artist. Gumby would have been the perfect dog for Houdini. Nonetheless, the employees started worrying if he was ever going to find a home.

8. Worried for Gumby

Hounds are renowned for their loyalty and running away from 11 homes is not something characteristic for them. This is when the CAS employees started putting the pieces together and saw the bigger picture. This is the question that made the employees realize what Gumby wanted.

7. Always Coming Back

While being baffled by Gumby’s escapes, one team member realized something quite important. Gumby was always coming back at the shelter, no matter the distance he had to run. But what does this mean?

6. The Shelter

After realizing that Gumby always came back to the shelter, everything became clear! The shelter which took Gumby in was his home! He didn’t want to spend his time with another family when the amazing folks at CAS were taking so good care of him.

5. Good Friends

Not only did Gumby receive all the love and attention he wanted from the CAS employees, but he also had many friends there. Just look at the next picture and you’ll know what I am talking about.

4. The Squad

This is Gumby and his best friends who are also located at the shelter. No wonder that Gumby didn’t like staying with any of his 11 adoptive families when he has so many great things at the shelter. The way that the CAS employees reacted to this is even more amazing.

3. Part of the Family

The employees started treating Gumby as one of their own. They even gave him a job! Gumby accompanied other dogs in domestic behavior training. Check out the next picture to see how calm other dogs feel around our pooch.

2. Model Dog

The shelter employees are saying that all other dogs love spending time with Gumby. This makes him the perfect “employee” to have around. You know what’s even cooler than this? 

1. General Manager

After seeing how Gumby helps other dogs, the folks at CAS theorized that the reason why Gumby always came back is that he knew he had more work to do. This is an amazing story and Gumby was lucky to be taken in by this special shelter.

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