Sheepdogs and sheep don’t have too many things in common, other than the fact that dogs must gather sheep… Or is it more than that? Jess is a famous springer spaniel! It’s been years since she’s been a sheepdog and she has developed an adorable bond with his best friends: the sheep and the lambs. And as a sheepdog, Jess has more than a simple job!

Wait ‘till you see the whole story… It will melt your heart!

20. That’s Not a Sheep!

You might want to tell that lamb that he’s got the wrong mom… But it’s alright, ‘cause Jess is there to quench a lamb’s thirst with a bottle of fresh milk. What did the owners say about Jess? It will crack you up!

19. Three Times a Day

Jess is a regular fluff around the sheep, ready to deliver all the orphaned lambs their bottle of milk. She carries it in her mouth on the field and just looking at her will make anyone laugh… But the pooch is a great help, nonetheless.

18. Louise Moorhouse and Her Farm

On Louise’s 180-acre farm there are 270 sheep. Here is what she said about Jess: ‘It’s like having an extra pair of hands’. And the beautiful springer has done it since she was only a puppy: ‘I taught her to hold the milk bottle in her mouth’.

17. It’s so Funny!

And when you see her across the field, ‘gripping the bottle,’ said Louise, you’re in for a good laugh! Jess is well over 15 years old but in 2012, she was quite known for her tough work on the field. And she even got rewarded properly, as you’re about to find out.

16. That’s Just the Beginning…

She had an apprentice, a cocker spaniel called Lily, that would take her place when she couldn’t hold the milk bottle anymore… And if you think this is the whole story, then you’re wrong!

15. Giving a Helping Hand

Jess was always on the field, helping her owner to feed the hungry lambs. She stood still while the lambs sucked at the bottles. She was a patient dog, waiting for the babies to eat. Guess what our pooches would do in Jess’s place?

14. A Mutual Trust

We bet our dogs would eat that milk in half a second, but not Jess! She was the perfect mommy and you can see that the lambs loved her a lot. They would wag their tails and keep their eyes closed, showing they trust Jess.

13. Jess Appeared in a Documentary

Jess was a star in a documentary called: ‘Secret Life of Dogs’. Louise said that Jess would always stay around the lambs and get the bottle to feed them. No lamb would go hungry with Jess by their side! And it’s absolutely hilarious!

12. Squirting The Milk!

‘It is very funny when she runs across the field gripping the bottle and squirting the milk everywhere’, said her owner. And when she’s tired, Jess give her human mother a look, as if she was saying this…

11. ‘It’s Complicated’

‘Sometimes she gives me a look that says she’s getting fed up but she loves it really.’ And we can see that the lamb called Shaun loves it too when he gets a special attention and the milk, obviously! Jess also does it to get a treat

10. In For the Tummy Rubs!

After she’s done her job, Jess would lay with her paws up and let the sheep lick and nuzzle her as a treat. Her owner said that the large ewes come close and ‘They even give her a tummy-rub which she loves’.

9. Living With the Sheep

Jess has lived all her life around the sheep and she loves getting their attention. It sounds like a great life for a pooch: outdoors, running and feeding animals, getting some free cuddles… this is the life! Look how cute she is!

8. Jess Also Loves Chicks

The gentle pooch would also chill with a couple of chicks, ready for Easter! Meanwhile, in a different place in this world, there’s another springer like Jess. She’s called Jessie and, apparently, she’s been so charming that she converted a lamb!

7. Another Springer – A Different Love Story

On another farm, the Adderley Wharf Farm, there was another springer spaniel. She was only nine years old when she met a cute lamb. Jack, the lamb, bonded with her and one day, the owner was stunned to see this…

6. When Jack the Lamb Was Born

Jack’s birth was a miracle: ‘Jack was born one of three lambs, which is quite rare’, said Alison, who is Jessie’s owner. The poor lamb was very small and he needed to stay indoors. He needed special care, or else he wouldn’t have survived.

5. The Beginning of a Long Friendship

They put the hair drier on the baby lamb and force-fed him milk. And then he bonded with Jessie, sleeping next to her in the dog basket on the porch. You won’t believe it, but he even tried to do this…

4. Half ‘Baa’ and Half ‘Woof’…

‘Jack follows Jessie wherever she goes and even tries to copy her when she barks. He makes this strange half baa, half woof noise which everyone finds hilarious.’ And who wouldn’t laugh when they hear him? And there’s more!

3. Fetching Sticks is Fun, Even For a Sheep!

Jack will also try to herd sheep because he does what Jessie is supposed to do… And Alison said he ‘even fetches sticks and jumps up on his hind legs like a dog.’ Jack is a stubborn sheep, or should we say… dog?

2. Jack Wants the Leash

Alison finds it funny because when she walks Jessie, Jack ‘nuzzles me until I put him on a lead too’. And the only thing he does as a sheep is eating grass: ‘Apart from that he’s just like a dog’, she said.

1. Jess and Jessie

Both stories have been truly inspiring and they’re so funny that we could easily see them in a movie, but they’re 100% real! Jess and Jessie have been moms for the lambs and Jessie even got to teach a lamb how to… dog!

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