Dogs are known for their loyalty, but today’s heartbreaking story is going to blow you away. How hard would you fight for a loved one? This story is going to show you how one loyal dog named Panda stayed with his girlfriend despite her being stuck on the freezing railway track. And trains were passing by over their heads!

20. Freezing Railway Tracks

These two dogs are called Panda and Lucy. This picture shows them sitting on the railway tracks, which are actively being used. But, why would these dogs risk their lives like this? Don’t they have any other place to go?

19. Lucy is Hurt

Lucy, the female dog is hurt and she can’t move. Despite trains passing over Lucy nonstop, Panda didn’t give up on her and he stayed right there. You won’t believe how much time the two dogs spent on the railway tracks before someone found them.

18. Two Long Days

These railway tracks are located in Uzhgorod, Ukraine and the locals are reporting that the two dogs have been sitting there for two days. Can you imagine how many trains passed over them? That must have been really scary.

17. Protective

Panda was really protective of Lucy and he didn’t let anyone get near her. This is why the locals weren’t able to move the dogs. Can you guess what Panda did whenever someone would come close?

16. Barking and Growling

Dogs are known for being protective of their loved ones, and Panda tapped into his animistic senses and started growling and barking whenever someone came close to Lucy. Panda wasn’t mean, he was just feeling threatened. Fortunately, the right people found about them.

15. The Savior

The locals called someone who could take care of these dogs, the man’s name is Denis Malafeev. The man got close to the dogs and what he saw shocked him, the real reason why Panda and Lucy were stuck on the tracks!

14. Lucy is Hurt

The man and his friends that accompanied him saw that Lucy was badly injured and he realized why Panda was sticking with her. The female pooch wasn’t able to move and he needed to do something about this. What happened next sent shivers down the man’s spine!

13. Incoming Train

Minutes after Denis pulled out his camera a train started coming. This terrified Denis and he tried to make the dogs move. However, the dogs wouldn’t react to the man’s shouting and they just stood there. Keep reading the see what happened next.

12. Getting Closer

As the train was getting closer, Panda hopped over Lucy. But how could this protect them from the oncoming train? Good thing Denis got the whole thing on camera because no one would believe what happened next.

11. Close Brush with Death

The dogs were small enough for the train to pass over them. This is a terrifying experience and we have to give praise to Panda for sticking with Lucy during this nightmare.

10. Terrifying Nightmare

Knowing that Panda and Lucy have been staying on the tracks for two days, we can’t help from wonder how many trains passed over them. Just the loud noise trains make would scare most dogs away, but not Panda.

9. Not Giving Up

Train after train, Panda and Lucy kept on being brave and stuck together. Now this shows us how resilient dogs are and that they will never give up on their loved ones. But how did Lucy got injured in the first place? Did a train hit her?

8. Good Samaritans

Despite Panda growling and barking at them, the people who found them on the tracks didn’t give up on them. They knew that Lucy was hurt and that if they didn’t take her to a vet she would pass away. Nonetheless, these good people managed to pick Lucy and Panda up. Check out what they did next.

7. Straight To The Vet

The rescuers put Panda and Lucy in their car and rushed them to the vet. You won’t believe how Lucy showed her appreciation after she was safe.

6. Happy Dog

After two days of living a nightmare, someone was finally saving Lucy and Panda. This picture of Lucy shows us that she didn’t feel threatened by her rescuers and that she was thankful for their help. But did she make a full recovery?

5. Feeling Better

The good Samaritans headed straight to the vet, in fear that Lucy was hit by a train and that her bones might be fractured. Keep reading to find out what the vet said after looking at Lucy.

4. No Broken Bones

Even though Lucy was not feeling well, she didn’t have any broken bones. This meant she was going to be okay. In fact, Lucy started feeling better hours after being picked up from the railway tracks.

3. Feeling Better and Better

Even though Lucy was not in good spirits, her health was looking good. However, something even more amazing happened. As it turns out, neither Panda nor Lucy are strays. They actually have a home!

2. Going Home

Now that the saviors found out from the vet that Panda and Lucy have a home, they decided to do the right thing and take them where they belong. Things were starting to look good for the two dogs.

1. Back Home

After two long days of trains passing over them and being hurt in the cold winter, Panda and Lucy managed to come back home. We need to give praise to the good Samaritans who helped Panda and Lucy in their time of need because not everyone would do that.

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