Kittens can be the most adorable things ever and can do some really silly things at times. However, the cute little kitten in this story pulls off something amazing and completely changes its own life. Read on to find out more about this fantastic little ball of fur!

20. Me too!

Last summer, Jon Nienaber was walking along the neighborhood with his dog and as he was doing so a kitten came up to him and approached him.

19. Tag, I’m it!

It tagged along with them and kept following his dog! “One day my husband was walking the dog when he called me and told me he found this adorable little kitten that just seemed like he wanted attention,” Leslie Nienaber said. You won’t believe what else happened!

18. Me three!

The kitten followed them home and Jon’s wife Leslie quickly got some cat food for him as the little kitten looked very hungry. Read on to find out what Leslie had to say about him!

17. Humans, meet Kitten!

“When I got him home, he was really dirty, and I tried to clean him the best I could. He seemed hungry,” Leslie said. Leslie gave the kitten the name Pinot, and then decided to give it to her cat-loving sister, Sarah, since they already had too many pets. Read on to find about Sarah’s adoption of the little kitten.

16. A hard letting go!

Leslie did have a hard time giving Pinot away to Sarah. “I’ll admit that it was really hard to give Pinot away – he was just this brave, determined little soul who wanted to survive and was the cutest kitten we had ever seen. It made me really happy that my sister took him in because I knew I’d get to see him grow and I could always visit him,” she said. On the next slide, find out how it went with Sarah!

15. Vetted Up!

“My sister Sarah was seriously an angel. I am convinced that he would have died if we hadn’t brought him home,” Leslie said.

“He is obsessed with Q-tips, to the point where Sarah has found them scattered all around her bathroom, and loves watching birds from their apartment window.” The little kitten has an agenda of his own and you won’t believe how busy it is!

14. Doggy Bag or Kitty Box!

Pinot loves to snuggle up into any single box he can find, and even likes them more than his little kitty bed at times. Some of his cute habits include…

13. Boxy Box!

Once again we can see that Pinot has snuggled up into a box and he looks really cozy and sleepy. Looks like he doesn’t even need a bed! Next let’s look at some of the other things he does!

12. Bird Watching!

Pinot absolutely loves to stare out the window and watch birds outside, and who can blame him, it’s pretty fun to just take a look outside at all the different birds. The kitten is all grown up now and you won’t believe how fluffy he is in the next photo!

11. Fluffed Up!

Sometimes Pinot doesn’t do crazy stuff or hilarious things but just does absolutely cute things like laying down with all his fur fluffed up. He also loves going through his mommy’s stuff…

10. Inspection!

“The vet thinks he has some Main Coon in him! He still has some of his ‘street smarts’ and you will often find him hiding around a corner ready to pounce.” said Sarah! Here are some interesting facts about our favorite ball of fur…

9. Quite a Character!

As we can see from all the little funny things that Pinot does, he is quite a character. He is an absolutely funny little cat who can get a little excited at times, isn’t he!?

8. Pinot-ing Around!

It’s amazing to think that Pinot followed them home that day and is now living the life of a king. So now that we have met up with Pinot, let’s meet another cool cat that also got a new chance at life!

7. Lacrosse Team!

This absolutely cute little kitty just went up to a lacrosse team and was really adamant about sticking with them, and was begging for attention. Find out what the coach who found her said, on the next slide!

6. Finders Keepers!

“I found the little one along with the other coach and the captain of the team,” the coach says. “The captain asked if we could name her Regent… It’s the mascot of the high school I coach at.”

The kitty was just skin and bones and very dehydrated. “You can feel the bones whenever you petted or picked her up… Someone offered a tortilla and she ate it all.” You won’t believe what the man did next…

5. Beefing Up!

The coach decided to take her home and got her bathed and cleaned and fed her up. “The first day, she ate a ton of food.” said the coach. But some safety measures had to be taken…

4. Missing!?!?

The coach and his family quickly got very attached to Regent! But first, they had to make sure that it wasn’t someone’s cat so they notified authorities but no one came forward. The vet was inquired and no microchip was found in the kitten, and it was determined it was a stray and they could keep it. Something crazy happened next!

3. New Enemy!

Soon they introduced her to their other cat, named Arya.

“I let the little one roam around the apartment while I prepped both their bowls for breakfast. No hissing and no running away! The older kitten prefers to watch at a distance while the little one wants to sniff her!”

2. New Friend!

However, after 4 long weeks, Arya and Regent finally became friends and now they hang out together all the time and have a lot of fun with each other. Let’s see how it all ends on the next slide!

1. Happy Endings!

Even though Regent used to be a random stray cat with a tough life, now he has a loving home and he is doing well, just like Pinot, and let’s all hope that all cats can find themselves a good home!

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