Even though statistics show that airplanes are the safest means of travel, people can’t help from being terrified of crashes. Unlike cars or trains, once the airplane starts going down, there’s no way of surviving the crash other than jumping out with a parachute.

Luckily, this wasn’t the case for Julianne Koepcke who somehow survived a 10,000 ft fall while being strapped to her seat. Buckle up because today you are going to hear the amazing story of a young 17-year-old girl who survived living in the Amazon jungle for 11 days.

20. Julianne Koepcke


This woman is Julianne Koepcke or “the miracle girl” as the media would dub her. Julianne is now an accomplished biologist and librarian at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, but she still hasn’t forgotten about the 11 days she was alone in the Amazon forest.

19. Recalling a Nightmare


Even though most people would do their best to avoid talking about the worst times of their lives, Julianne is not afraid to recall her story. It all started when Julianne was only 17 years old when she and her mother boarded a plane to go visit her father on Christmas day. What’s interesting is that Julianne’s father had a bad feeling about this from the first place.

18. Bad Feeling


Julianne’s dad advised them not to come to him because he knew that the Lansa airplane company had a bad reputation. However, Julianne and her mother didn’t listen and decided to book a flight on the Lansa Flight 508. If they only knew what was about to happen next…

17. 92 Passengers


The airplane took off after 92 passengers got on board. The fastest route to their destination was over the Amazon jungle and that’s where they went. However, things took a turn for the worse when the airplane got next to a lightning storm.

15. Lighting Storm


As the plane was going over the Amazon, a lighting struck its wing. The airplane instantly disappeared from the sky with all its 92 passengers. Julianne still recalls what her mother told her while the airplane was going down.

14. The End is Near


Julianne remembers that when the plane was going down, her mother calmly took her in her arms and tried to comfort her by saying this next thing! Although, Julianne couldn’t stay calm while the plane was being torn apart. You will be shocked by what her mother told her.

13. It’s All Over


Her mother gripped Julianne in her arms and said this to her: “This is the end, it’s all over“. Can you imagine how terrifying it must be to hear this from your mother? Let’s see what happened next.

12. Surviving the Crash


The plane crashed through the dense Amazon jungle and luckily, Julianne somehow survived that fall. One popular theory says that the trees are what slowed down the plane and helped Julianne survive. Nonetheless, this didn’t mean that she was okay by any means.

11. Waking Up


As Julianne woke up the next day, she was filled with deep cuts all over her legs and her collarbone was broken. On the bright side, at least she was alive. What do you think Julianne did next?

10. Where’s Mother?


The first thing that Julianne did after surviving the fall was to start looking for her mother. She still couldn’t believe what happened to her, but she didn’t let this get in the way of searching for other survivors.

9. No Survivors


Sadly, Julianne wasn’t able to find her mother. Things got even worse than this because no one would answer her calls and she couldn’t see any other survivors. This made Julianne even more scared than she was at first because it meant only one thing.

8. All Alone


After realizing that she was all alone in the scary Amazon jungle, Julianne knew that she couldn’t stay in one place because the jungle is filled with many predators that are going to come for her. Fortunately, she came up with this great idea of escaping the jungle.

7. Walking Downstream


Julianne was clever enough to know that if she walked downstream long enough, she would eventually find civilization. However, this didn’t mean that was she safe because she still had to deal with piranhas, snakes, alligators and to find food that wasn’t poisonous.

6. Brave Girl


Even though she was only 17 years old when this happened, Julianne proved to be a brave girl by walking through the middle of the stream. The reason why she was doing that is that piranhas can only be found in shallow water. However, she did have an encounter with some alligators but fortunately for her, the alligators weren’t interested in her.

5. Finding Food


Julianne’s parents were both biologists and they made sure to teach her which plants are poisonous when she was little. Therefore, Julianne was able to figure out which mushrooms are for eating and which are not. You won’t believe what was the worst moment for the girl throughout this entire adventure.

4. Vultures


Julianne recalls that at one point she heard vultures screeching and this sent shivers down her spine because it meant only one thing. Julianne was about to see a dead body for the first time in her life. Check out what she had to say about this.

3. Terrified


“I was afraid because I knew they only land when there is a lot of carrion and I knew it was bodies from the crash. When I turned a corner in the creek, I found a bench with three passengers rammed head first into the Earth. I was paralyzed by panic. It was the first time I had seen a dead body“, said Julianne.

2. Surviving


Fortunately, Julianne didn’t give up and she kept on walking through the middle of the stream until she reached civilization. She was quickly sent to the hospital to get better, but she also received some bad news.

1. Her Mother Didn’t Make It


Sadly, Julianne was the only one to make it out of the forest. All other 91 passengers including her mother passed away. Nonetheless, Julianne made a quick recovery and she followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a biologist.

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