The way people dress and present themselves is important. It shows character, elegance and even tradition in some cases. Teenagers have always been the ones to start new trends and to change their appearance in comparison with older generations who stick with traditional clothing instead.

Time changes everything, including people and while it might be impossible to see how teenagers changed over the past decade in terms of character qualities, we can still wonder at how different young people looked one hundred years ago. You won’t believe how quick teenagers were to leave traditional clothes behind, just look at #12 for example. #16 and #8 are our favorites!

20. England

When it comes to history, England is one of the most influential European countries. This can also be said about the way England influenced modern styles all across the world. Just look at these happy teenagers are and get a glimpse of the past. The next picture shows how different Asian culture is from England.

19. Nepal and China

On the left, we can see how teenagers used to look like in Nepal one hundred years ago. The girl’s traditional appearance is admirable, but we can be sure that this doesn’t fit with the latest trends of 2017. The right-side picture shows four Chinese girls in their school uniform. Stick around because the next picture will make your jaw drop!

18. Algeria

Algeria is situated in North Africa and this can be clearly seen in how these young girls are dressed. This picture looks more like a postcard than something that a teenager would actually wear. If this picture didn’t shock you, then you should check what’s coming next.

17. Romania and Albania

As you can all see, Romanian and Albanian girls dressed quite similar one century ago. Make sure to stick around for the next picture because it will show you what Asian culture is all about.

16. Japan

Japan is a country that’s filled with sacred traditions. This is where Ninja and Samurais first appeared. Also, the traditional clothes worn by the girls on the left look so mesmerizing. You’d better prepare because you won’t believe how these next young girls used to dress like!

15. Poland and Estonia

Those Estonian girls are imitating scenes from popular movies. This shows us just how much influence Western movies have over the world. The girl on the left side is from Poland and it seems like she prefers to wear something classier. Do you want to know who also loves to wear classy clothes? The girls in the next picture!

14. Greece and Cyprus

The man on the left is a Greek partisan while the group photo on the right has been taken in Cyprus at the Maria Christodoulou School. Tag along for the next photo because it is going to show you the famous painter Frida Kahlo in her young years.

13. Argentina and Mexico

The girl on the right is the world famous Mexican-born Frida Kahlo. The second picture shows us the young working class of Argentina. Times were tough back then. Nonetheless, check out what’s coming next to brighten up your mood!

12. India

These teenagers are from India. The girl is wearing a traditional dress while the young boy is dressed in a more academic style. Looking at these old pictures makes you think about how much things have changed over the years, doesn’t it?

11. USA

The smile on that Indian native girl is what makes her appearance shine so much. Also, that young man is none other than Walt Disney himself! Check out the upcoming picture if you want to see how royal teenagers looked like 100 years ago.

10. Belgium

These two old black and white pictures are showing us Belgium’s royal blood. The two siblings are Price Leopold and Princess Louise of Belgium. Take a look at the next picture and see how Netherlands teenagers used to look!

9. Netherlands

Netherlands, also known as Holland is renowned for being the country of some of the happiest people in the world. It seems like this can be said for the three teenagers shown in the picture above. Make sure to take a look at the next picture because it will show you a real-life princess!

8. Sweden and Finland

If you’ve wondered how it would feel like if a princess looked right into your eyes, then pay close attention to the girl on the left. She is Princess Ingrid of Sweden. We don’t have the name of the second girl but we know she is a teenager from Finland.

7. Russia

This is how Russian teenagers looked one century ago. Girls were dressed in modest clothes and boys started their work training at a young age. Do you know the brand Lacoste? Then make sure to look at the next picture because it reveals a young version of its founder.

6. France

The tennis player on the right is Rene Lacoste. He is going to have a successful sports career and then go on to form his own brand of clothes. The girl on the left looks classy and she seems to be a singer. The next girls look even more classy!

5. Spain

The two girls are known as Maria-Christina and Beatrice. Both of them look beautiful and their clothes show that they belong to the upper class. The boy in the second picture is Federico Garcia Lorca, a known Spanish Poet.

4. Hungary

The siblings on the left certainly look happy together. Also, the teen on the right side is showing what class is all about. Stick around for another picture of royal teens.

3. Austria and Luxembourg

Here we can see Prince Ernst of Hohenberg and Princess Antonia of Luxembourg. I bet that these teens lived a great life, being royal and all. Are you curious about how New Zealand teenagers dressed one century ago? Well, then check out the next picture.

2. Australia and New Zealand

The girl on the right is a native New Zealander who is wearing an all-traditional appearance. The group photo from the left side is showing us how Australian girls used to dress like. Get ready because you’re not going to believe that the next picture is real!

1. Germany

This is how girls and boys looked in Germany in the 1900s. Worth mentioning is that the two young girls are Gertrude and Ursula Falke, daughters of the famous German author and poet Gustav Falke.

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