Life can sometimes can be really cruel and mean for all living beings. It seems like our personal efforts and determination is what makes us survive even from the most dreadful and dead-end situations. This story of a premature, abandoned kitten is a great example of how we must all fight for our right to live but seek help when it is needed. Slides #10 and #9 will surely inspire you!

20. A Scream For Help

It all started when Debbie Timmis, a cat lover and dedicated to animals person, was scrolling on his Facebook feed. Then he noticed something… a post about a newborn premature kitten that was in a very risky position… She decided to respond in order to learn more about this but she couldn’t imagine what the original poster had to say about the kitten. Click next to find out what happened to this innocent soul!

19. A Premature Female Kitten

The cat owner said that his cat has given birth to a premature kitten that she immediately rejected and left it alone. The owner said that the kitten was seeking help from an expert and was looking sick and unhealthy. Debbie demanded to learn more! Click next to learn how they discovered the poor soul!

18. “A Damp Patch”

The owner of the mother cat stated that something that looked like a damp patch caught his attention when he was about to sit in the couch. When he looked closely he realized that it was a tiny newborn kitten. You can’t guess how the mother cat handled the situation… Pictures are stronger than words, click next to see yourself!

17. Abandoned


The mother cat seemed to be very stressed and disappointed of her premature kitten, facts that made her take the decision to reject it and let it by itself. The mother cat didn’t even allow the little kitten to feed. It was there left alone and starving. They realized that a vet should examine the kitten and without losing any time they decided to take it to a professional. It’s size and weight will shock you! Click next to find out.

16. Underweighted And Tiny

At the vet the tiny kitten was found to be only 60 grams when its healthy weight should have been over 100 grams! Debbie later said that it was about the size of a small lighter and had almost no fur on it! But there was another problem too!

15. Bubbled Milk

The vet also found that the kitten had bubbled milk in its nose and its breathing was compromised. The vet gave some rather scary predictions about the little soul… he said that its chances of survival was bellow 1%!

14. Almost Didn’t Make It


About an hour later vet’s most dreadful fears where about to be confirmed. The kitten lost its senses as it struggled to breathe, its legs turned purple and its cute, little red tongue was plain white! Something had to be done immediately! Click next to see what the vet and Debbie did!

13. Debbie’s Actions!

The vet grabbed the little kitten and turned it upside down with its chest resting on her hand. She started to massage it in the chest with hopes that the bubbled milk would come out of its nostrils. As the kitten didn’t respond Debbie decided to take action!

12. They Saved Her

Debbie was in shock! She was crying and rubbing the kitten in the chest and in the back and telling it to live. The kitten fortunately appeared to breathe again! It was a miracle!  Later the vet found out something scarier.

11. Milk In Its Lungs

The little kitten had milk in its lungs probably by its failed actions to be fed by its mother… The vet advised Debbie to start feeding the little kitten herself with a syringe.

10. Normal Practise

Feeding premature and neglected kittens with a syringe, when the mother’s milk is missing is a normal practice among vets and cat owners. The syringe helps the kittens to drink the valuable milk easily and the warmth of the syringe simulates the mother’s touch.

9. Feeding The Little Kitten

Debbie had become a foster mother for the little kitten! She took it home and made it a warm, cozy spot for it to rest and feel safe. She fed the kitten every two hours for the first two weeks after the vet’s instructions.


8. Getting Well

As the kitten was gaining weight and growing Debbie and the vet realized that the little soul got an eye infections and worms. With proper medication and care those issues were eliminated and the kitten was beginning to reach its normal weight!

7. A Playful Little Kitten

7 weeks later the once rejected, sick and scared kitten is looking as healthy and happy as ever! It plays and washes itself, making cute noises and exploring the world once again. She’s totally larger than the lighter too!

6. Freyja

Debbie named her Freyja after the Norse goddess of beauty, love and fertility! A name that she appeared to have taken with a warm heart as she purrs every time she hears it!

5. A Fighter

Although the vet and Debbie played a vital role in Freyja’s survival she wouldn’t have survived if she wasn’t a fighter. She literally won the battle of her life and she won a second chance to explore the world and be a happy cat.

4. A Great Personality

Freyja knows that Debbie is her savior and tries to show it to her every time she has the chance. She purrs and gives her kisses all the time and she is addicted to her touch.

3. Best Friends

Freyja seems to be really social and enjoys playing with Debbie’s children and husband. It’s as if she knows everything that Debbie has done for her.

2. Meetings

The owner of the mother cat as well as the vet, were amazed to see her now as they both assumed that the little fell wouldn’t survive. Every now and then they pay a visit to see her and play with her.

1. A Lost Chance

As for the mother that rejected and neglected Freyja, she lost her chance to have a cute, playful and happy kitten in her life.



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