While the world is confronted with so much discrimination and conflicts, there are still signs that give us hope. A little gesture goes a long way, the same happens with a smile. Either you have a bad day or a good one, it doesn’t cost you a thing to act as good as possible towards a person who needs it. The following story has all the proof in the world and it will undeniably touch your heart.

20. A Day In Biloxi, Miss.


This is how a regular summer evening looks like in the USA. No expectations needed for a day like this but still, it was a special one. This following act of kindness impressed people all over the country, and there’s no wonder that their story went viral.

19. Shopping At Walmart


Here is the place where everything happened. Walmart is a popular branch in America that has 11,695 stores in 28 countries, operating under 63 different names. Shopping for groceries is a necessity, but on what seemed to be a normal day, something incredible happened that will restore your faith in humanity.

18. Meet Brittany Walton


Brittany Walton is a normal Walmart employee, that takes her job seriously and is really nice to customers all the time. But she never thought that what was going to happen will change her life.

17. While Shopping


Meghann Shaw was doing her shopping when something caught her by surprise. She was not surprised by a bug in the fruits’ box or a good sale. She saw Brittany doing a heartwarming act and took a photo of her.

16. A Blind Man In Need


The customer we are going to present was a blind person who obviously needed a volunteer who would assist him. He was new in this town so he knew no one who could have helped him. Until this happened.

15. Here Comes Brittany


As soon as she saw how confused the man was, Brittany left her work behind and approached him. She took him by the hand as if they knew each other for ages. But why would a stranger do such a thing?

14. Compassion Comes from the Heart


Without the man seeing her, she gave him all the attention he needed. No trace of boredom or obligation was written on her face. She just felt that it was the right thing to do. But why would she grab the man’s hand for no reason at all?

13. Mr. Roy’s Sad Story


While chatting with the employee, the man told Brittany that he had been blinded at the age of 26 in a car accident. He felt the need to talk to somebody and she was there for him. This is why he was shopping alone…

12. Everyone Has Another Half


Maybe you are wondering why was he there? The power of love goes beyond any barriers. The man was in love with a woman who shares the same disability and he wanted to buy something for her.

11. He Bought A Mug


It took them two hours to shop for the mug. Knowing his lover’s delight for cocoa, he wanted to impress her with a mug. Because he couldn’t see it, Brittany picked one for him. You won’t believe how this simple gesture changes the perception of so many people.

10. A Sweet Man


After spending so much time with him, Brittany described Mr. Roy as being a sweet man who was willing to share what he accumulated for many years in his heart. He was really warm and honest. But how did this story became viral, and most importantly WHY?

9. Superior Customer Service


Anthony Chisesi is a store manager at Walmart. He said that superior customer service is built into Walmart’s culture. That is why every employee is helping others, not for the attention but because it is the right thing to do. There are always there to watch their customer’s back. And this is exactly what Brittany was doing. But this is how their story became an internet sensation.

8. Megann Posted Everything Online


While telling everybody what she saw that day at the store, Megan was told by a friend to post the story on social media because it might inspire other people too. And this is what happened.

7. The Story Went Viral


The post got many positive reactions and was shared by thousands of people. In a short time, it was known all over the US. After this event, the two of them got together again. See it for yourself in the following pictures.

6. A Mother Of Three


After all, Brittany is a parent who loves her children and knows the affection you need when you are alone. We should all take this woman as an example and learn from her experience.

5. They Met Again


After a time, Mr. Roy and Brittany got to spend even more time together. Because he was in a need of some things from the store, he went there again. Brittany was working at that time and she came gladly like always and took his hand. Can we just act the same too? Here’s how the store’s CEO reacted when he read the story online.

4. Recognition From The CEO


After many shared the post, even the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, commented on her excellent customer service.

3. A camera might follow you


You never know what could happen to you next,  so pay attention to your actions and behavior. But what’s even more important, be good to others by spreading more love. Brittany decided that she wants to help even more people, and you won’t believe what her plans for the future are!

2. Next Step


Helping others while making them happy is what she loves doing. Her wish for the future is to go back to school in order to become a nurse. Everything is about compassion and love.

1. With All The Hate In The World, She Gave Love


America has been dealing with a lot of issues lately, so people got impressed by how the employee managed the situation. Because it was was her job to do it, but mostly because she is such a kind and caring person.

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