Wolves are some of nature’s fiercest predators, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need help sometimes. Today we are going to present you the heartbreaking story of a wolf who had the misfortune of being hit by a car, but then fate smiled at him when he crossed paths with a couple of good Samaritans.

20. Hit and Run


The wolf we are seeing in this picture was walking around the countryside when a car hit him! The damage the car did to him was tremendous and his chances to survive were dwindling. Fortunately for him, he crossed paths with these people…

19. Good Samaritans


As the wolf was trying to recover from his terrible wounds, these people saw him and decided to do something truly amazing that most people wouldn’t even think of!

18. Broken Leg


The car that hit the poor wolf also broke his leg! This type of wound doesn’t fix by itself and the wolf didn’t have any chances to survive. Thankfully, the good Samaritans didn’t waste any time and took the wolf in their car. You won’t believe what was the next thing that they did!

17. Straight to the Vet


Seeing how the wolf wasn’t able to walk, and that he was filled with pain, the people who saved him took him straight to the vet. He didn’t waste any time and put the wolf right on the operation table.

16. Successful Operation


The surgery was successful and the wolf instantly started feeling better. However, there was still one big problem that the good Samaritans had to deal with. This was a wild wolf and he felt threatened by people. Just look at the next picture and you’ll see what I am talking about.

15. Terrified


Truth be told, everyone would be terrified after being hit by a car and then put right on to the operation table. However, things are even worse for the wolf because he didn’t know if the humans presented a threat or not.

14. Friendly People


It didn’t take long for the rescuers to show to the wolf that they are friendly people and that they don’t mean him harm. They even named the wolf Oliel! Let’s see what happened after the wolf fully recovered.

13. Full Recovery


A fractured leg isn’t something that heals in a matter of days, it takes months. The wolf needed four months before he could fully recover. Time passed and he was finally back on his feet. Scroll down to see what the rescuers did when they saw that Oliel was feeling better.

12. Preparing to Leave


Four months passed and now Oliel was ready to leave. The rescuers didn’t want to keep Oliel away from his home and devised a special cage that can be put on their pickup truck. Now that Oliel was ready to be transported, the crew headed to the place where they first found him.

11. Going Home


Oliel was finally in the countryside again. This must have felt like a breath of fresh air for him, especially after staying four months away from his home.

10. Setting Up the Cage


The amazing people who took care of Oliel during his time of need wanted to make sure that he knows where to go, and that he doesn’t run off on the road again. This is why they took the cage and moved it in the middle of the field. What happened next will leave you in awe!

9. Feeling Nervous


The rescuers were surprised to see that Oliel didn’t jump straight out of his cage when the door was open. Oliel was probably feeling nervous, or he might have gotten accustomed to his new home. Although, it didn’t take long for him to run away. Look at how happy he is now…

8.  Open Gates


The door was open but Oliel was still weary. After seeing that the road ahead is free, he finally came out of his cage.

7. There He Goes


The wolf started running towards the open field as soon as he realized that he is free to go. Oliel couldn’t believe what was happening and you can clearly see this in the next picture.

6. Finally Free!


Oliel took a last glance at the camera and then he started running. Nothing was ever going to stop Oliel from roaming the fields ever again.

5. Free Wolf


After four months of waiting, Oliel was finally where he belongs. The wild wolf was enjoying his freedom by running around. Do you think that Oliel took one last glance at the people that helped him?

4. Saying Goodbyes


Wild wolves are not known for being good at saying goodbye, but we can be sure that Oliel was thankful for the help he got because otherwise, he wouldn’t have survived his wounds.

3. Good People


We have to give praise to the people who helped Oliel because not everyone would do that, especially since wolves are not that friendly and most people wouldn’t even get close to them.

2. Wild Life


Oliel is now roaming the countryside and hunting with his pack, just like a wild wolf should. Nonetheless, even nature’s scariest predators need some help from time to time and it’s great knowing that there are good people who are willing to do this.

1. Helping Hand


What we can take from this is that we all should give a helping hand to the ones who need it, even if they are big bad wolves. Oliel was fortunate enough to cross paths with the good Samaritans, but we can be sure that he wouldn’t have made it on his own.

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