Some things are better left buried in the past. Or in this case, burned! A doll bought on eBay in exchange for a small fortune started attacking its new owner. And this is not a joke, the doll even has a history of attacking people in the past. We don’t know about you, but we’ll never buy dolls on eBay unless it states that they are 100% not possessed!

Let’s see the creepy doll and its story from the very beginning.

20. The Weird Doll

If you thought the doll looked like Chucky or Annabelle, then you’re wrong… It is a porcelain doll that wouldn’t even scare a little girl. But once you read the owners’ statement, the beautiful doll gets creepier by second!

19. Violent Attacks


Debbie Merrick from King’s Lynn, Norfolk found the doll at a second-hand store. She just passed by the store, when she and her husband saw the doll. It felt as if the doll was compelling them to buy it… Here’s why she thinks so.

18. I Have to Get It

Debbie doesn’t even like dolls, but in just a few seconds she decided she had to buy it. But little did Debbie know that the doll will make their lives a living hell. You won’t believe what happened after they took the doll home…

17. Night Time Got Creepy

The night before going to talk on a TV show, Debbie said that the lights ‘were flickering like crazy, only in the bit of the room the doll was in.’ Guess what happened when the last owner opened the box which contained the doll!?

16. Violent Episodes

Debbie couldn’t stand having the doll in her house. At night, the doll attacked and scratched her husband, she took off its necklace and set off fire alarms. Debbie posted the doll on eBay, and she couldn’t believe her eyes when she found a buyer…

15. The New Owner

Lee Steer from Rotherham, UK, paid $1,100 for the doll, in a bidding war. Why would so many people want that doll? Well, Lee is a paranormal investigator, and he was looking for something special, as any other ghost fans that bid against him.

14. Why Would You Do That?



Even if you believe or not in the paranormal, why would you want to test it on your own skin? Literally speaking! Soon after unpacking the doll, Lee would find out that he made a mistake…

13. Caught On Camera


When Lee opened the box, he filmed it and 35,000 people watched him on a live stream. Here’s what he said: ‘a light I use was flickering, it was like a strobe. It was the first time that had ever happened.’ And then people freaked out! You won’t believe what happened next…

12. People Contacted Lee

‘People contacted me saying they could see the doll’s eyes moving.’ Not only it was terrifying, but Lee also kept the doll hoping for more… Unfortunately, his dad was on the receiving end. You won’t believe what happens to him!

11. ‘My Arm’s Hurting’

Lee’s dad heard a tapping noise on wood before the box got opened. Later, after unwrapping the doll, he watched one of the live streams his son made and he said to his wife ‘My arm’s hurting’. Wait untill he lifts up his sleeve…

10. Scratches On His Arm

‘He lifted up his sleeve and he had six scratches on his arm,’ said Lee. Then Lee said that his mother shouted to him: ‘Lee, you best get downstairs – your dad’s getting affected. He’s got scratches on him’. The man was terrified…

9. The Scratches Match Debbie’s Story

Lee said that they ‘have no idea where they came from’, but those scratches are similar to those of Debbie’s husband. However, the rest of his family said that they’re not sure that the doll was to blame…

8. Strange Things Inside the House


There were also strange things inside the house when the doll was mentioned. Things got broken, lights flickered and there were also weird noises. And when Lee thought he saw enough and it all stopped… the doll strikes again!

7. Talking About the Doll

‘We’ve gone months without anything unusual happening and as soon as this doll is mentioned things start happening.’ But if the doll was possessed, why did it attack Debbie’s husband and Lee’s father? The paranormal investigator has a theory.

6. There is a Connection

Both men that were attacked by the doll were married, so the doll hates married men. Lee has also ‘done some research and found out it’s from America’. And it gets extra creepy once you find out the doll’s purpose!

5. The Perfect Gift for…

Newly married people! Yes, this type of doll was given to freshly married couples. Lee said that they cannot prove it, but they heard that a woman claimed to have sold the doll after she got it from a house…

4. A Thousand Identic Dolls

That house belonged to a woman… Inside it, there were over 1,000 identic dolls. Although Lee didn’t find records to prove it, he said that he doesn’t ‘know if it is one of the dolls, but it could explain why it doesn’t like married men.’

3. It’s Just The Beginning


And if you thought Lee would give up after he and his dad were spooked, think again! He plans to continue his investigation: ‘We’re planning to test it out on married couples – we’ve already had volunteers.’

2. … Something Wrong With It

‘I know people are mocking the whole thing but I think the fact Lee’s dad was scratched too just goes to there is something going on with that doll,’ said Debbie. She is glad to finally get rid of it!

1. We’re with Debbie On This One!

We wish Lee good luck with his investigation, but we’re going to stick on Debbie’s safe side and if we’d ever encounter a possessed doll, you’ll see us in the backyard, setting it on fire!

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