Do you enjoy sleeping with your pet? The answer is probably yes so it won’t come to you as a shock that the woman from this story loves to do this too. Although, you might change your mind once you’ll find out what type of animal she has and what was it planning to do to its owner. Everything seemed normal until one day when she discovered something that completely terrified her. You will be all in goosebumps at the end.

20. Sleeping

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Nothing makes us feel better than a good night’s sleep, preferably next to someone we love or next to a cuddling pet. A warm embrace could do wonders for our health and state of mind. But while most of us choose to cuddle a dog or a cat, this woman has a more exotic pet…

19. Sleeping With Pets

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While some people love to sleep with their dogs, the lady from this story says that she can’t fall asleep without her special friend. You’ll never guess what makes her story so special!

18. Pets

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Life would be boring without a soul to care for and most of us can’t even fall asleep without cuddling our cat or dog. But one woman crossed the line with the wrong pet.

17. Exotic Pets

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Some people love taking care of a dog, a cat or a parrot. But some of us have a different kind of taste in animals, and this led to this story becoming so popular on the internet. You won’t believe what this woman likes to do before going to sleep…

16. A Pet Snake

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This woman loved sleeping with her pet python. Every single night the python would join her and they would share a good cuddle before falling asleep! Or would they?

15. Sleeping Buddies

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A dog or a cat would be a nice companion in your bed, but how would you feel if there was a giant snake wrapped around your waist while you sleep every single night? This woman told us her story and we must admit, we are in shock. Here’s how everything started…

14. The Story

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The woman was sleeping with her pet every single night, with the snake wrapped all around her. Everything was completely normal until one day when she realized that something was not quite right

13. Denial

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After some time, she realized that the python had completely stopped eating. Worrying that the animal might be sick, she rushed him to the vet. It was then when she realized the horrific truth…

12. At The Vet

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When she brought the pet snake to the vet, the doctor started asking questions about the recent behavior of the reptile. After receiving as many details as possible, the vet came to a shocking conclusion.

11. Conclusion

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After asking numerous questions, the doctor realized one thing that completely terrified the woman. It was something she would have never expected.

10. The Meal

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The doctors informed her that the python was starving itself because it was making space for her next meal, and that meal would be her! Yes, you read that right. The animal was planning on eating his owner. And that’s not all!

9. Shocking News

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The pythons are known for starving themselves in order to make more space for bigger prey, and in this case, it was the owner. The woman was in shock and she simply couldn’t believe that her beloved animal was planning such a horrific thing.

Before deciding to get a pet snake, you should know these facts…

8. Pythons

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Pythons are one of the largest snakes in the world. They are not venomous but can be very dangerous, even for people.

7. Their Prey

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Pythons are known for attacking their prey with their whole body, swallowing them as a whole and even taking a few days to fully digest it. But are they good sleeping buddies?

6. Owning a snake

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Owning a snake is a big commitment as owning a dog is. It is recommended to own a small snake at first just to see how things go. But how long do snakes live?

5. Commitment

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Pet snakes tend to live longer lives. King snakes live for 12-15 years, pythons live for 20-30 years and corn snakes have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. But there are a lot of risks involved…

4. Risks

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The biggest risk is not only the bites. Some snakes can carry Salmonella, like all the reptiles, that can make you ill for quite some time. You shouldn’t have a pet while having a kid under 5 years old! And that’s not all…

3. Exotic Pets

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People love keeping rare, exotic pets. Maybe even you. But you have to live with the consequences that come with keeping such an animal because they can get quite dangerous.

2. Pythons

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Snakes are dangerous reptiles, especially pythons. Pythons are known for eating deer, antelopes and even alligators! It is not something to play with nor sleep with.

1. The Story

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This strange story became popular on the internet and people were terrified of the idea of sleeping with such a huge reptile while it was planning to eat the poor woman.

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