Top 11 Best Places to Travel Alone

Having a companion is always good, but sometimes you need to discover the other side of the world alone. Here are the 11 best places to go when you’re traveling alone.

Number Eleven: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With its numerous museums, churches and historical buildings, Rio is the place for those who are seeking a new type of culture.

Number Ten: Costa Rica. Attention adventure seekers, this is the place for you. There are all kinds of things you need to experience in this magical place. Some of the best nature in the world can be found all over Costa Rica.

Number Nine: London, England. England’s most famous city will present important sights and landmarks that will make it seem more of a country than a city. Walk into a pub, and you won’t be alone anymore.

Number Eight: Dublin, Ireland. Alone? Try Guinness Storehouse, the perfect place for beer lovers while engaging in Dublin’s enticing culture.

Number Seven: Valparaiso, Chile.  Nicknamed “Little San Francisco,” Valparaiso is the total opposite of San Fran. Valparaiso is generally affordable in terms of living, and their colorful houses will share that happy vibe.

Number Six: Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat is a paradise that everyone should experience alone at least once.

Number Five: New York, New York. From Central Park to Times Square, the Big Apple has so much to offer it’s impossible for you to not love it. There are so many people in this big, dense city that you couldn’t feel alone if you tried.

Number Four: New Zealand. The setting of The Lord of the Rings films, New Zealand is for anyone who loves to adventure. Try bungee jumping or hiking on the legendary Milford Track.

Number Three: Amsterdam, Netherlands. Featuring its own colored houses, canal, coffee shops, and rich culture, Amsterdam is a haven for every solo traveler.

Number Two: San Francisco, California. Filled with perpetually sunny weather and a generally happy population, going solo will definitely not be a problem here in San Francisco. Say hello to strangers – you’ll never know who you might meet here.

Number One: Australia. While you’re in beautiful Australia, you won’t feel alone. Aussies tend to be very welcoming, and there is lots to do all over.