A Boy Vanishes Into Thin Air and the Truth is Discovered 100 Years Later

A family in Louisiana has finally discovered what happened to the 4-year-old child that went missing more than 100 years ago. Until now, everything was a mystery and the results have revealed a shocking truth. Robert Dunbar Jr. agreed to a DNA test to put his mind to rest and find out what actually happened back in 1912. The story will leave you speechless, as two families want to find out the truth about the identity of the missing child.

20. A Beautiful Summer Day Out


August 23, 1912, is the day when Percy and Lessie Dunbar, the parents of Bobby and Lorenzo went fishing near the Swayze Lake. They were a middle-class family who raised their boys in the early 20th century like any American from the Deep South. But what started as a beautiful day, it soon turned into a nightmare.