If you live with a significant other, you may have the occasional problem of a girlfriend or boyfriend eating your food. Perhaps you purchased a special dessert or just bought a brand new bottle of soda, but whatever they take, it’s annoying when you go to retrieve it only to find it half-gone. A man named Joe Cummings suspected his girlfriend of taking his food but when she denied it, he decided to set up a camera. What he saw horrified him. Not only was it not his girlfriend but something he never expected.

18. Disappearing Food

Image: Joe Cummings/Facebook

New York-based actor Joe Cummings had a problem with the home he was living in with his girlfriend. His food and drink kept disappearing. He would stock the fridge with various groceries then they would immediately be half-gone the next day. What was happening?

17. A Perfect Relationship?

Image: Joe Cummings/Facebook

Everything was going great with his girlfriend and they were excited to share their lives together. However, the food problem was a sticking point. He wondered what was going on inside his kitchen and why the food kept disappearing. The answer seemed to be clear: his girlfriend. But then she said this.

16. It Wasn’t Me

Image: Wikipedia

She said wasn’t her! She was in fact shocked to hear this allegation. Joe wanted to believe her, but the fact was, his food and drink were dwindling quickly. Someone must be taking it and he knew it wasn’t him.

15. New Scenarios

Image: Joe Cummings/Facebook

Joe tried to think of other scenarios. Perhaps he had friends eating and drinking his food in the day, and didn’t realize it? Maybe his place was haunted? He ran through all of the possibilities and decided that he needed to move to the next step: a camera.

14. The Camera

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

Joe wanted to catch the culprit in the act. If it was his girlfriend, he would need solid evidence when he confronted her. He what he had to do. He planted a hidden camera in the kitchen. He had no idea what he what went on at night and soon, he would be horrified.

13. Setting Up the Camera

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

Joe setup the camera where it could record a clear shot of the kitchen and part of the living room. He anticipated finding his girlfriend happily munching away at the goods in the fridge and went to bed thinking that he would finally have his answer.

12. Night Vision

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The camera had night vision to make it easier to see the culprit in the late hours. With everything set up and Joe in bed, the kitchen was still. He planned to watch the footage the next day but he had no idea what was coming.

11. Like a Horror Movie

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The camera roll on capturing the quiet scene of the house but then the image turned into something out of a horror movie. A woman appeared in the kitchen..but and she didn’t walk in. She ended up coming in a much scarier way.

10. The Ceiling

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The camera revealed the woman dropping through the ceiling where she had busy been waiting. Was this his girlfriend doing an elaborate trick, or was this something darker? The camera would soon reveal the answer.

9. The Woman

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The woman calmly climbed on the table like she had done this a thousand times before and moved over to the fridge. The woman wasn’t his girlfriend at all! It was a face he had never seen before, and he was chilled to the bone when he watched the footage.

8. Stranger in the House

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The woman made herself at home as she opened cabinets, raided the fridge and acted like she owned the place. She even took a swig right out of his juice and urinated in the sink. As he watched his footage later, he felt his pulse race and was thoroughly freaked out.

7. Almost Caught

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The woman in the video finally stopped her foraging when she heard a sound: creaking floorboards. Joe was on his way into the kitchen for a glass of water and she knew she had to leave fast.

6. Getting Away

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

The woman climbed back into the ceiling effortlessly and disappeared from view. Then Joe came into the room for his water and went back to bed, unaware of what had just happened. Joe later felt his stomach recoil at the footage.

5. The Next Day

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

Night turned to day in the video. Joe watched himself walk in the kitchen and drink from the very same juice the woman gulped earlier that night. Above him, hidden in the ceiling, the woman waited.

4. Watching the Tape

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

Joe eventually sat down to watch the tape and was surprised to see the woman emerge from the ceiling. Surprise turned to fear and he knew he needed to call the cops. But first he needed to leave.

3. Fleeing

Image: Joe Cummings/YouTube

After he fled his apartment, Joe called the cops, and waited for them to arrest the intruder. After they did, the police told him the shocking story of why she was there. How did she get there, he wondered?

2. How

Image: Shared

Joe later uploaded the video to Youtube and shared this: “I have no idea how she got in there. The only way in is through the window as I am on the top floor and there is a fire escape.” The police believed that she was there to rob him, he said, and decided to stay in the crawl space. But what was the most chilling was how long she had been there.

1. Two Weeks

Image: The Buzz Tube

The police informed him that the woman had been there for over 2 weeks. Joe was shocked. He had shared his house with a stranger, and had unfairly accused his girlfriend for stealing from him. He immediately apologized to her and decided to share the video to make sure others didn’t have the same experience.