Being a police officer isn’t an easy job. Working in law enforcement can be threatening for your life and the mental health of your family. Imagine now if a married couple worked together with the police. This is the story of Dan and Christine Brite who faced the biggest threat of their lives during a police operation. What happened will make you realize that nothing is impossible… especially slides #12, #11 & #9.

20. Police Couple

It was the 2nd of September 2016 when the life of the Brite couple changed forever! Being a cop couple they knew that things may get dangerous some day but they’ve never imagined what something serious like this could happen! Click next to read the inspirational story of the Brites!

19. The Call

Christine Brite is a police negotiator and she has been happily married to her husband for over 14 years. Her husband is a detective working for Colorado’s Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. That fateful day she got a call that changed her life.

18. Outside of Their Home

The call was about a suicidal man with an AK-47 type of rifle. Apparently, the man has injured an officer and they didn’t know if he was alive. She couldn’t guess who this man was.

17. Man Down

“Shots fired. Man down” were the words that made Christine’s blood freeze, as she had tuned in to the police radio. Christine then was called to rush to the location. Her darkest thoughts were about to become a reality…

16. The Suspect

This was the suicidal man who had shot a police officer down. After threatening the lives of some officers and civilians he crashed his RV into the side of the road where the shooting took place. His motives were then unknown by the police. He was extremely dangerous as near the area of the shooting were a hospital and a middle school.

15. Partners In Action

Both Christine and her husband Dan were members of the special weapons and tactics team also known as SWAT. They got regular calls about missions like this and they usually worked together as a negotiator and operator. As Christine arrived at the location she heard the exact words…

14.”DB’s Shot”

“DB’s Shot”. Christine was shocked and started screaming. “Please don’t let this happen, don’t let it be Dan.” Christine says CNN. She then was informed that her husband was transferred to the local hospital for immediate medical care. Chances were low…

13. At The Hospital

At the hospital, almost all of the police force was gathered to support Dan. But things weren’t getting any better. Christine was informed that her husband was near to death and the chances of survival were very low. But how did that happen?

12. 1% Chance

Christine was told by the doctors that Dan had 1% chance of survival. The suspect has shot him in a vital organ and damaged his system in a way that dropped him in a coma.

11. Bullet In The Lung

Doctors told Christine that the bullet of the suspect took out about 30% of his left lung and left his diaphragm and stomach bleeding. Also, the bullet seems to have taken out his entire spleen.

10. Roughest Night Of Her Life

“It was the roughest night of my life,” Christine said afterward. She was standing there thinking that her beloved husband had 1% chance of survival and she couldn’t do anything but wait for doctor’s news.

9. A Family Man

Christine told CNN that she stood there thinking about their two daughters of ages 10 and 19. Scary thoughts crossed her mind in this night but the support of the officers who were there with her waiting helped her keep her sanity. Then the unexpected happened.

8. Dan Hung On

After hours a doctor came out and told Christine the news she wanted to heat. Dan woke up and his condition was steady. “I had no doubts that night that he was going to survive because he’s a survivor.”, Christine said.

7. Beating All Odds

The lethal danger seemed to have passed but the bullet hit his spinal cord. Dan lost his ability to walk that night but his mental health and brain activity was perfect.

6. Out of The Hospital

After only 3 days after the incident, Dan was allowed to return home through the cheering and support of the entire police force of Colorado as well as civilians and of course his beloved wife Christine and his two daughters.

5. Not The End

Dan received some offers promised to help him walk again, even with the help of a stick or special equipment. He realized that this was a long and difficult road but, as always, he wanted to beat all odds again! “I was very happy with where I was at and what I was doing and absolutely loved it and then in just a blink of an eye, it feels like you lose it all.”, Dan says.

4. Always Together

Christine and Dan’s two daughters were always together with him after the incident. No one lost hope for him and things seem to be getting better. Dan is now trying to find another job outside of law enforcement.

3.After Months

After 16  months after the shooting, Dan is still unable to work and uses a wheelchair instead. Doctors give him a 3% chance of walking again but this doesn’t seem that hard for him. This is the man that won at life, although he had 1% chance of survival. Dan himself says that he will walk again someday.

2. Story Gone Viral

His story of course gone viral. The CNN did an entire and complex reportage on his incident and helped him and his wife express the terror of this night. Also in the reportage is very prominent how close the couple is and how they never lost hope to each other.

1. Always A Cop

Dan will always remain a cop though. After some years he rejoined the force, doing things that he was capable of doing and of course meeting his old buddies who never lost a chance to joke with him. “If they would’ve started treating me different, and not joke around with me like that, I think that would’ve hurt more.”