Photographer Takes Breathtaking Photos Of A Lost Mongolian Tribe

With globalization trends in recent decades, traditional civilizations are pretty much all gone. Especially, nomadic cultures of central Asia. However, there are some small groups that still survive with their natural ways of life. In this story, we bring you Dukhas of Northern Mongolia. Several journalists and photographers spent years living with them during which they captured some astonishing moments that will amaze you.

19. Who Exactly Are the Dukha?


The Dukha are actually Tuvan-Turkic tribe from central parts of Asia, somewhere in South Syberia. They are purely nomadic, which means they rely on moving all the time, in order to survive. However, in the several past decades, they are forced to live in smaller and smaller areas. They are one of the few nomadic groups left around the globe and they are struggling to keep their culture alive.

If you know your geography, you might have noticed that South Syberia is in Russia, but they live in Mongolia. How did they become Mongolian people?

Let’s find out!