15. In Search of Barbie-Like Perfection

Image: Hollywood Life

When it comes to the Barbie brand, you could say the doll promotes an unrealistic picture of beauty. From the tiny waist to the platinum blonde hair, Barbie personifies what some would consider the “perfect” woman. While Mattel has tried to combat that image by providing more realistic versions of Barbie, that hasn’t stopped some women from developing an unhealthy obsession. This is the story of one woman who took her love for Barbie way too far.

14. Valeria B.B. (Before Barbie)

Image: YouTube

Growing up in the small nation of Moldova, Valeria Lukyanova looked quite normal before she began her transformation. It’s almost impossible to believe that the woman she looks like today used to be such a natural beauty. One has to wonder why she decided to go on such an extreme journey to look like a living doll?

13. A Normal Childhood

Image: TapaTalk

Apparently, Valeria’s obsession with Barbie stemmed from her fascination with dolls as a child. Her collection was beyond extensive, with each doll having their own personalized wardrobe. As she continued to expand her collection, Valeria would become enamored with the symmetry of the dolls’ bodies, thus planting the seed for her future as a living Barbie. Do you think her natural beauty was good enough?

12. Escaping the War

Image: Al Jazeera

Growing up in the USSR, Valeria watch her father work non-conventional jobs to provide for his family. Deep down, Valeria knew this is how she wanted to live her life and being trapped in a 9 to 5 job was simply not for her. When tensions between Ukraine and Russia began to take a turn for the worse, Valeria decided it was time to make a change. She fled from her home and moved to Mexico for a fresh start.

11. Refusing to Let History Repeat

Image: Telegraf

Valeria grew up watching her parents struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table. Determined to not let history repeat itself, Valeria made the decision to find ways to make money that would allow her to use her natural assets aka her beauty. Do you think she will succeed?

10. The Transformation Begins

Image: YouTube

At first Valeria took on modeling jobs and even participated in beauty pageants. In 2007, she won the title of Miss Diamond Crown of the World with simply her natural beauty. However, it was during this time she began to seek out surgical enhancements to improve her looks. Wait until you see what happens!

9. An Unnatural Obsession

Image: The Sun

As Valeria’s obsession to look like a living doll took hold, she continued to insist that her new looks were thanks to her genes and rigorous diet NOT plastic surgery. Of course, many people denied this, since a 19-inch waist was not biologically possible for her body size. Doctors soon weighed in revealing that someone of her frame would have ribs showing, yet hers seemed to be missing. Is it possible that Valeria had major plastic surgery procedures performed?

8. Molded in Barbie’s Image

Image: Rebel Blog

Critics have continued to point out enhancements and signs of plastic surgery in Valeria’s photographs. One expert insisted she’s had several ribs removed to achieve her perfect hourglass figure. Regardless of how she achieved her doll-like body frame, one thing is certain. Maintaining such a body must be an absolute nightmare.  You won’t believe what she must do to keep her figure.

7. Extreme Diet & Fitness Routine

Image: Yahoo7

According to Valeria she maintains a strict diet where she eats very little solid food and mostly consumes liquids. She makes sure to hit the gym daily and will let extended periods of time lapse after a workout before she partakes in her next meal. Seems extreme right? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

6. Living Off Air & Sunshine

Image: Pinterest

In an attempt to limit her food intake even further, Valeria decided to take her strict dieting to a whole other level by attempting to live as a breatharian. A breatharian believes that the body can actually be sustained simply on air and sunshine. Unfortunately, Valeria wasn’t completely successful, but hopes to one day attempt it again. We strongly suggest she consults with a doctor before she has sunshine for breakfast again.

5. Denial Turns to Admission

Interest: TooFab

For a long time Valeria tried to push the narrative that she had minimal work done to achieve her stunning and unique features. However, over time she began to admit to the more complicated procedures, such as having her ribs removed and facial reconstruction. What’s interesting is her sister almost looks like she does now only natural. Do you think jealousy could have been a determining factor?

4. Two Sisters, Two Distinct Looks

Image: ViralScape

Valeria’s sister, Olga, looks very similar despite her stark dark locks and the fact she isn’t made up of 99.2% plastic. Valeria has admitted she always envied her sister’s looks and it could possibly have been the spark that lit the fire under her obsession. However, as the years continued on, Valeria’s desire to find perfection continued to morph and twist into something dangerous. You won’t believe her life’s philosophy now!

3. Perfection Has No Limitations

Image: Hollywood Life

Some people believe that once you’ve achieved the definition of perfection, you’ve reached your end goal. However, that’s not the case for Valeria who doesn’t believe she will ever stop tweaking her body. According to her, you can never stop improving and can only continue to get better. Of course, other people have voiced their displeasure with her life philosophy. You won’t believe what people have said on social media.

2. The Negative Backlash

Image: People Greece

While there have been many people who have supported Valeria’s transformation over the years, the negative backlash has also been swift and brutal as well. According to Valeria, the media likes to focus on the negatives of her transformation rather than the positives. She also was the victim of a brutal attack in 2014 when she was jumped outside of her home. Thankfully, she didn’t suffer any serious injuries and made a quick recovery.

1. Thriving Off of Energy

Image: GQ

Despite the negative attention from the internet and the media, Valeria doesn’t let it get her down. In fact, she has called herself an “energy vampire” in the past who thrives off negative energy. Regardless, she refuses to let her critics get in the way of her path to perfection. However, when will enough be enough? According to Valeria, that may be never. While we believe everyone has the right to pursue their own path, you have to wonder when it’s time to reevaluate the journey. We wish Valeria the very best in life regardless.