Most of the times, a good deed will be rewarded! With that in mind, a Taiwanese woman was more than thankful she had a pet dog. She had adopted a stray puppy half a year before the earthquake that shook Taiwan in February 2018. Poppy Yang was fortunate to have Twenty by her side because her life could have been in danger if it weren’t for the stubborn pup.

What happened? Let’s check out their story below.

20. Returning The Favor

Six months before the devastating earthquake that shook Taiwan in February, Poppy rescued a stray puppy from a parking space. Little did she know that the pup would return the favor!

19. A Normal Day

Poppy was out late in the evening with Twenty, her puppy: ‘At about 11 o’clock that night, I arrived home and I went out to play with the dog downstairs for a while’, said the woman. But something about her puppy was weird

18. A Weird Feeling

‘We were heading upstairs at 11:30 when suddenly the dog ran back outside and started barking at the ground.’ It was a weird behavior because the dog had a different bark as if something spooked him. Poppy had a lot of plans inside the house…

17. Stop it, Twenty!

Poppy was planning to take a shower as soon as she was about to enter the house, but Twenty wouldn’t stop barking and running away: ‘I told him to stop playing and come inside’. But he would continue barking!

16. He Didn’t Want to Get Inside

‘A few seconds later, he rushed outside again and continued barking, very distressed,’ said Poppy. The woman couldn’t do anything else than wait for Twenty to calm down and postpone her bath. Minutes later, the 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit.

15. A Fortunate Neighborhood

Poppy was still outside and her building was standing, fortunately for her! Unlike other buildings and parts of the city, her building was alright and the items in her house only fell from the shelves. It was a minor damage, except for this…

14. A Tragedy Could Have Happened

The place she would have been if not for Twenty’s strange behavior was filled with shards from the shattered glass door she had in the bathroom. Thank goodness Poopy got delayed, or else all those shards would have hurt a lot!

13. No Place to Hide

Poppy realized the danger and admitted that she could ‘have been seriously injured because the moment the glass broke there was no place to hide’. But she and her puppy were all right.

12. Twenty Sensed the Earthquake

The woman believes that her pup has sensed the earthquake before happening and this is why he kept barking at the ground. ‘People say that animals have the ability to predict things and it seems like it’s true’, said Poppy. And she’s right…

11. It Dates Back Centuries

It’s a very old belief that animals can sense natural disasters such as earthquakes or storms. Dogs have an acute hearing and they can hear the vibrations that precede an earthquake. After the magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan (2011), studies have been made on pets.

10. Pets Displayed Unusual Behavior

Before the earthquake, a lot of owners reported that 236 of 1,259 dog owners and 115 of 703 cat owners saw strange behaviors, such as barking, howling and restlessness, even in the outdoors – minutes before the earthquake hit.

9. Saving the Day

Poppy doesn’t know if Twenty actually heard the ground crack under them, but his barking and stubbornness saved their lives. This is what she said: ‘I am thankful he delayed me. I think it is our duty to look out for one another’.

8. An Amazing Mother

Poppy is the best mother a pooch can have. She said in an interview that they ‘will live together forever until we’re separated by death. This is the best way we can thank each other’. And there are many other people thankful to receive help…

7. The Island Shocked By the Earthquake

Poppy Yang was lucky to have her pooch save her from serious injury, but not many had a dog like Twenty by their side. After the quake shook the Asian Island, 70 people were missing, probably still under the crumbled buildings in Hualien, Taiwan City.

6. Nine People Dead

There were 9 deaths and over 250 injured people and everyone was on edge. There were 130 aftershocks the next 25 hours! Severe parts of the city had to be closed because of landslides and the four crumbled buildings.

5. A Severe Earthquake

Fu Kun-Chi, the head of Hualien County said that there hasn’t been such a severe quake for 50 years. People that lost their homes slept in a gym. Pets have also been rescued from apartments. In most rescue cases, trained dogs are the best rescuers!

4. Furry Heroes

There have been many dogs that saved a lot of people stuck under crumbled buildings. For example, this adorable pooch saved over 50 people in just a few years! This girl earned international praise after she’s rescued dozens of people after natural disasters.

3. Frida, The Awesome Labrador Retriever

Frida works with the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) and she was last needed in Oaxaca, after the earthquake. She wore protective goggles and boots and was soon ready to save some more people! If you’re a dog or cat owner and there’s a quake, you should know this…

2. Leave Them Be

Don’t hold onto your pet in case of an earthquake, because they will hide somewhere safe. Make sure they have a collar, a tag, and a microchip in case they get lost. Try to remain calm and talk to your pet in a comforting tone.

1. Stay Calm

It might be frightening, but staying calm will help you and your pet to get through the quake. Keep the pet leashed and caress them for reassurance. If you’re unlucky and you lose your pet, check with the local animal shelter, as they may have already found them.