Soldier Was Forced To Leave His Best Friend Puppy In Iraq, But Then This Happens

Being an Army man is very difficult, but with a lovely puppy around your army base, life can get a bit brighter. A stray puppy ‘infiltrated’ an army base in Iraq and won every single soldier’s hearts. He was immediately taken in by the good guys that named him Ollie. We know that many dogs bond with a single person, so Ollie picked Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch as his best human friend. Wyrsch took little Ollie under his wing and raised him. Whenever Wyrsch had the time, he would play with Ollie and care for him.

But soon, Wyrsch had to say goodbye to Ollie

20. The Heart-Breaking Story Of a Man and a Dog

It sounds like a movie, but it’s all true. So, watch out, because if you’re reading this story at work, it will be very difficult to hide away your tears. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Here’s the story of Wyrsch and Ollie…