Being an Army man is very difficult, but with a lovely puppy around your army base, life can get a bit brighter. A stray puppy ‘infiltrated’ an army base in Iraq and won every single soldier’s hearts. He was immediately taken in by the good guys that named him Ollie. We know that many dogs bond with a single person, so Ollie picked Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch as his best human friend. Wyrsch took little Ollie under his wing and raised him. Whenever Wyrsch had the time, he would play with Ollie and care for him.

But soon, Wyrsch had to say goodbye to Ollie

20. The Heart-Breaking Story Of a Man and a Dog

It sounds like a movie, but it’s all true. So, watch out, because if you’re reading this story at work, it will be very difficult to hide away your tears. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Here’s the story of Wyrsch and Ollie…

19. Ollie the Dog

A gentle little puppy wondered to the army base in Iraq and everyone at the American military encampment fell in love with the pooch. It was cute and lovable, and soon it became the camp mascot.

18. Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch

Ken Wyrsch decided to take care of the puppy, so he took him in and raised the pup as his pet. In exchange, Ollie would comfort Wyrsch, after coming from fighting alongside Kurdish military forces in Iraq.

17. A Bond That Got Stronger in Time

Ollie and Wyrsch became BFFs and their story even got famous. In an interview, the Army Specialist said that Ollie ‘was there when we left our missions, he was there when we got back’. Having him there felt like a small piece of home.

16. Good and Bad News

The good news for every soldier is knowing you’re returning home from the war. But Wyrsch also felt like it was bad news, knowing that he couldn’t take Ollie with him home… So guess what he did!

15. It’s a Common Issue

A lot of soldiers go through this: they must leave their canine friend behind and return home with their hearts broken. But Wyrsch knew he had to do something about it. Ollie was too sweet and mild-tempered to be left behind!

14. Abuse and Cruel Treatment

Ollie the dog would have remained in a cruel environment, in danger of being abused and treated badly. He said that ‘I don’t know, some Iraqi would use it for target practice or something’. With that in mind, he contacted SPCA International…

13. Never Leave a Friend Behind!

Wyrsch couldn’t bear thinking that Ollie was left in Iraq, so he called the SPCA International for help. His furry friend would soon fly half of the world to settle into his new loving home in California.

12. The Morale Booster

That’s what happens when you’re a good boy, Ollie! Being the morale booster in the U.S. army unit, Ollie deserved a better life with his best human friend. And what Wyrsch said is true: ‘You don’t leave a friend behind, can’t do it’.

11. War-Torn Iraq

Seeing how Iraq looked, Wyrsch knew that the pooch wouldn’t stand a chance. Ollie was a lover, not a fighter! So, with SPCA International and the funds they raised, Ollie would soon travel the world to get home.

10. Home is Where Your Loved One Is

It took a month, but Wyrsch would soon go to the cargo depot SFO to get his special pickup. The heart-melting moments were filmed and posted on YouTube. If you want to watch it, better grab some tissues!

9. Finally Together

The Army Specialist finally got reunited with his dog, after Ollie traveled thousands of miles from Iraq to the Golden Gate City. Only separated for a month, both the pooch and Wyrsch were excited to meet again.

8. Happy to See You!

As soon as Ollie saw Wyrsch, he stood on his legs to hug and lick his adoptive father. In the video, you can hear an emotional Wyrsch saying ‘good to see you’. You won’t believe what he said next…

7. ‘He’s Worth It’

This is what the Army Specialist said: ‘And this right here was thousands and thousands of dollars of donations that went into this dog, you know? He’s a good boy. He’s worth it’. And you can all see that he’s right!

6. Ollie, The Stray Dog

Finally, Ollie is no longer a stray in Iraq. He has found his forever home in the Bay Area. He’s living a great life and more importantly, by his friend’s side. He even got famous, just look at their Instagram picture.

5. Insta-Famous

Ollie doesn’t have a personal Instagram profile, but he and his best friend have become pretty famous and they even had to go to a photo-shoot. This is our relationship goal!

4. Who’s Happier?

Looking at this pair, it’s difficult to say who’s happier or more excited. Wyrsch vowed that Ollie is ‘going to be with me for the rest of my life’. Bless his soul!

3. A Call to Duty

Ollie’s life is now very different. He lives in a beautiful home with his best friend. Wyrsch asked for his pooch to answer his call to duty, and with a lot of people’s help, they’re finally together.

2. A Happy Ending

This is truly the best happy ending so far! We’re so happy to see this man and his loyal furry friend living together and having the time of their lives. They both deserve some sunshine on their street.

1. A Stray’s Life

A stray dog doesn’t get the comfort and the love from a human, but Ollie was lucky to stumble upon that Army unit. This gentle and playful ball of fur was all it took to make Wyrsch fall in love with him.