Life is fun when you have a best friend by your side! And the animal kingdom has shown us many friendships that have even surpassed the boundaries of species. We’ve seen big cats taking care of foxes, dogs bounding with elephants, monkeys cuddling chicken and so on, but we haven’t checked out this unlikely pair…

Miri the seal and Jet the dolphin have bonded at the Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool and they absolutely love to spend time together! Let’s see them in action…

20. Miri and Jet

If you see Jet at the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour, Australia, then Miri surely is somewhere very close, waiting for his best friend to see him! These two goofs are so fun to watch!

19. Friends Since Childhood

Jet and Miri have known each other since they were only babies. They were only two months old when they first met, and now it’s been over three years of playing in the pool, kissing and talking. Yes, we said talking!

18. Why Is This Amazing?

This friendship is quite unlikely because dolphins and seals are competitors in the wild. So, their instinct should tell them they’re rivals. Here’s why they’re so good pals. You won’t believe what Miri does to stay with Jet…

17. Hanging Out Together

Even when they’re not in the same pool, Miri would check Jet out through a window, to make sure he’s alright. When you see what pool specialist Amy Carter said about their friendship, your heart will completely melt!

16. Everyone Loves Miri and Jet

It’s difficult not to fall in love with these cute babies, especially when you see them cuddling and playing together. They are very friendly with everyone and when it’s playtime, be ready for an amazing show!

15. This Is Too Adorable!

‘If Jet sees Miri going past he sticks his head out of the pool to say hi and they make noises at each other’, said Amy Carter. Her explanation is that this is how the pair communicates. It might be in different languages, but they surely get along!

14. Barking Around the Pool

Miri is an Australian sea lion. These sea creatures would bark to interact with other members of your species, so if we were to rename the species, we would definitely be calling them sea dogs, ‘cause they’re so cute!

13. Clicking For Attention

Jet the dolphin is eager to see his best pal around and whenever Miri barks, he answers with clicking noises. And then the magic happens: Miri hops into the pool and starts playing tag with Jet. And there’s more!

12. Cuddle Time

Their friendship is beyond our imagination! Miri and jet not only play and talk, but they also love to rub their noses together and cuddle in the pool. This is what Amy Carter said about them…

11. Childhood Pals

‘They struck up a friendship really early on as they are the youngest’, said Amy Carter. And when’s the best time to get a buddy? More than that, seeing their beautiful friendship, everyone at the pool has let them spend more time together.

10. Enemies in the Wild

Considering Amy Carter’s words, we’re fortunate to see these two animals striking up a great relationship because this isn’t normal. She said that in the wild, they could have been enemies…

9. The Fight for Survival

‘They wouldn’t have anything to do with each other – and if they did it might not be a positive relationship’. That’s because both sea lions and dolphins eat fish and their survival instincts would make them protective of their food!

8. At the Marine Center, Food is Plenty

Living at the Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool, Jet and Miri don’t have to worry about fish, as they get plenty and they don’t have to fight over it. They only thing they get to do is chase each other around the pool.

7. Can’t Wait to ‘See-al’ You!

And when it’s time to go to …bed, Miri and Jet can’t wait to see each other again in the morning. With no worry for their basic needs, both animals get to live a happy life together as best friends, to everyone’s delight.

6. The Coffs Harbour Pet Porpoise Pool

Everyone at the pool, the staff, and the visitors are in awe of this cute pair. And more people cannot wait to meet the famous goofballs. Who wouldn’t want to see them in action? Wait until you get a look at these next pairs of weird friends

5. The Turtle and the Alligator

It’s not the turtle and the hare in the fairytale, it’s a turtle and an alligator! If you go to the Summit Zoo in Panama City, you can see this friendly alligator giving his turtle friend a ride.

4. Friends in All Shapes and Sizes

These two friends are not furry either… But nonetheless, they are cute and surely know how to stay still for a photograph! The signs show us they’re on good terms, if not BFFs…

3. Another Friendly Sea Lion

This cute sea lion can’t stop hugging his best friend, the penguin. Although the penguin seems a bit out of breath, it looks like he’s enjoying it. And the seal’s face has already melted our hearts!

2. Meet My Otter Friend

We’ve seen otters attacking birds, but this guy is pretty laid back. He’s swimming next to his friend and he looks like the duck just said something appalling: ‘OMG, you can’t be serious!’ said the otter.

1. Best Friends Forever

Be it in conservation or in the wilderness, animals have always surprised us with their display of love. It teaches us an important lesson: animals will attack when they’re trying to survive. If there’s no danger or no fight over food, they’re just going to chill together.