The world is full of greedy people, but this husband took it to the extreme. However, karma hit him back and his wife got her revenge, while also granting the old man’s strange wish. A dying wish shouldn’t be taken lightly, but this man deserved it and his wife handled it all with style. Here’s what happened and how it all ended. Two words: compromise & adapt!

20. Shared Joy

While the old saying goes like: ‘shared joy is double joy’, this couple hasn’t experienced much joy in sharing stuff. Their story is about a man who worked his whole life and saved a lot of money.

19. Loving Money

It’s not right to love money more than anything in the world. But this man was a cheapskate and was very strict when it came to spending it or even sharing it with his wife. You won’t believe what she did after his death!

18. He Fell Ill

One day, the man fell ill and doctors told him he wouldn’t have long to live. But instead of thinking of the future of those he would leave behind, he chose to take the money to his grave – literally speaking.

17. This Man Told His Wife About His Dying Wish

His words were exactly like this: ‘Now listen, when I die I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me. Because I want to take all my money to the afterlife.’ Her reaction when she read the note was incredible!

16. The Future Widow Would Be Poor

In a marriage, all the money is supposed to be spent by both spouses, and when one dies, it is normal that the other one receives it, especially when they’re old and cannot work to provide for themselves.

15. The Old Woman Had to Respect Her Husband’s Wish

Respecting the old man’s wish meant that the wife would become poor. But she responded ‘I promise’, even though she would have a grim future. Little did he knew that she had other plans!

14. Her Husband Died

Not long after he found out that he would die soon, the man passed away and his funeral took place at the local church. And the widow would soon grant his wish. Kind of …

13. The Funeral Ceremony

The widow sat near the casket, with her best friend and attended the whole ceremony. And before having the undertakers to close the casket, the woman told them: ‘Wait a minute!’ You won’t believe what she actually did to ‘respect’ her husband’s wish!

12. A Shoe Box

The old woman wanted to do one last gesture: grant her husband’s wish. She took out a shoe box and placed it inside the casket. Afterward, the undertakers closed it and prepared for the burial. Can you guess what was in the box? Well, not money…

11. ’What Was that Shoe Box?’

Her friend was curious about the contents that were in the box, so she asked the widow what was with the box. So the old woman said: ‘He wanted to be buried with all of his money, so I put it in there.’ Her friend was shocked. But this is not all!

10. ’Are You Crazy?’

‘Are you crazy?! You buried that cheapskate with all of his fortune?’ The friend was right, it was a crazy idea. But here is what the widow said after that!

9. A Good Christian

The widow continued her explanation: ‘Yes, I promised. I’m a good Christian, I can’t lie. I promised him that I would put that money in that casket with him.’ Can you guess how did the money fit in the shoe box?

8. The Wife Found a Method

‘But the shoe box was too small for such a fortune!’, argued her friend. The widow was smart enough, so she started explaining: ‘Well, that was a problem,” she said. Can you guess what she did next?

7. Be Careful What You Wish For

The widow continued: ‘so I got it all together, put it into my account and I wrote him a check…’ Isn’t that a wonderful loophole?

6. What Goes Around Comes Back Around

He got all his money on a check he wouldn’t ever be able to cash it in. What’s the lesson? This wife actually did the most ingenious thing. Would you have thought about this?

5. A Fortune Well ‘Spent’

Even though the man didn’t need the money in his grave, as he would be dead and unable to spend it, he received a check, which would mean the same thing. But for the wife would mean everything. Here’s what she did with the money.

4. Best Decision Ever

This widow had the most brilliant idea and even granted her husband’s last wish. People like her husband are all over the world and we’ve seen them even on TV. Do you remember these next people?

3. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Can you believe this woman? Who wouldn’t remember their old favorite things when they lost them and then received them back as presents? Did it even work?

2. Fresh Flowers

It’s great to receive flowers from time to time. But finding out they’re leftovers that were previously in a trash is outraging. Honestly, women are better off without them.

1. She Did What?

It’s one thing to save money and another one to be an ‘extreme cheapskate’. Being sensible about your purchases is recommended, but some people are just plain weird, taking things way too far!