The Cherry Glazerr origin story is very 21st century. Clementine Creevy, a bored 15 year-old whose parents are both writers, started recording demos under the name Clembutt. Like other kids in this internet era, she recorded music in her bedroom and then uploaded it to Soundcloud. She was quickly discovered by a co-founder of Burger Records, which released the songs on a tape with the title Papa Cremp. That was 2013, when Creevy made the impulsive decision to become a touring musician. She put a touring band together and after a few lineup changes, the group released an indie rock gem called Haxel Princess. Despite its critical acclaim, Creevy brushes off the idea of rock music success, telling Rolling Stone that the band “makes no money” and that they play music because they have to.

Creevy is a kind of alternative-It girl for the 2010’s. She was quickly cast on Amazon’s premier show, Transparent, in a recurring role. But music is her first love, and the band’s 2017 second album reflects an artist who is determined to be, in her own words, a lone wolf. The single “I Told You I’d Be With the Guys” finds Creevy in a familiar pose, brandishing armpit hair and sarcasm:

I was a lone wolf
I thought I lost my pack
Where are my ladies?
I guess that was my fault
Girl, I should’ve stayed
Maybe another day
When I’m wide awake

The song is from the three-piece’s sophomore album, Apocalipstick, which evolves the group’s sound into a more fully realized version of itself. The choruses have big hooks and its sound harkens back as far as Blondie, if Debbie Harry was mediated by Sleater-Kinney, and then the whole kit and caboodle was catapulted into 2018.
Creevey’s clever pose on “Told You I’d Be With the Guys” is one part manifesto about being a lone wolf, and one part regretful lament about how it’s better to just stay with the girls. “I know better now / than to be with the guys,” she concludes.

The band explores a stone cold literary villain in the song “Nurse Ratched.” The song uses plenty of reverb to give the One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest antagonist new life. The video’s cinematic qualities are thanks to director Roxanne Helms. The video features a girl wearing a red hoodie just like little red, who turns out to be the hitchhiker from hell. Mayhem and blood – lots of blood – follow.

Cherry Glazerr will please 90’s rock fans who enjoy the pop voices of the new millennium but just wish they would rock out a little harder. On “Sip O’ Poison,” they seem to reimagine the Go-Go’s as an 80’s punk outfit mixed with the shredding yelps of the Runaways. “The horny boys are out / You better watch that eye,” wails Creevy, “A single sip of poison / killed a kid who wasn’t shy!”

Although Creevy is in demand for every indie project in Hollywood, she prefers to stick to Cherry Glazerr for the moment. At just 20, Creevy is determined to blaze a nuclear hot trail.

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