What is the Best Rep Range to Build Muscle Over 40?

Published on 07 Apr 2018 / In People & Blogs

http://www.GetFitOver40.com - What is the Best Rep Range to Build Muscle Over 40?

Building muscle at any age is a lot less dependent on reps and sets than most people think.

-Muscle is muscle at any age and responds to stimulation pretty much the same across the board.
-The most important factor is Intensity, (going to failure and beyond).
-Survey performed on two groups of participants to determine how high and low Rep ranges effect muscle development: Group A did low rep ranges to failure (8-12 reps), Group B did high rep ranges to failure (25-30 reps). Both groups gained about the same amount of muscle during the testing period. Important to note that both groups performed their predetermined rep ranges to “FAILURE”
-Something to consider: Group B did more work because they performed more reps so it took longer with more effort total for the same overall results.

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